Professional Dietetics is a privately owned Italian company specialised in patented amino acid formulas

We are committed to improving quality of life through the research and development of hyaluronic acid and amino acid formulas.

Professional Dietetics focus on two amino acid formulas, oral and topical.

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Professional Dietetics innovative spirit has led to 20 years of continuous success, which has resulted in:


Research and development

Clinical trials have shown that Professional Dietetics’ patented amino acid + hyaluronic acid formulas are effective in various pathologies.


Hyaluronic acid and amino acid formula:

  • Promotes and accelerates wound healing through the direct effects of keratinocyte proliferation and migration.25
  • Stimulates fibroblast migration and proliferation, thereby enhancing formation of granulation tissue and collagen deposition.26
  • Stimulates the expression of vascular endothelial growth faction (VEGF) by fibroblasts, resulting in the formation of blood vessels.27