4 amino acids + hyaluronic acid


  • Ragamin rectal cream is a medical device (class IIb), indicated for anal fissures in adults and in children. Ragamin promotes a rapid healing by producing collagen fibres and at the same time favours the relaxation of the internal anal sphincter.


  • Proctamin rectal gel is a medical device (class IIb) in micro-enemas indicated for inflammation of the rectal mucosa. Proctamin creates a protective layer on erythematous or ulcerated mucosa, diminishing the algic phenomena with a rapid reduction of burn and pain.

Hyaluronic acid and amino acid formula:
  • Promotes and accelerates wound healing through the direct effects of keratinocyte proliferation and migration.25
  • Stimulates fibroblast migration and proliferation, thereby enhancing formation of granulation tissue and collagen deposition.26
  • Stimulates the expression of vascular endothelial growth faction (VEGF) by fibroblasts, resulting in the formation of blood vessels.27